TheFlipper Accessories
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The matching accessory for DerFlipper.


User Interface Prototyping Set

These magnetic disks are specially designed to create user interfaces. Responsive or Mobile First? No problem, get started, and then, thanks to the magnetic plates, create the other screens.
Advantage: First screens can be created together with and at the customer. No technical hurdles.


  • Magnetic
  • Describable
  • grid layout

Business model modeling with Lego Serious Play

With a customized version of Lego Serious Play, different scenarios and processes can be simulated and run through.


  • Magnetic
  • Tangible
  • Horizontal & Vertical usable

Lego Serious Play

IoT with littleBits

The popular bricks for modeling innovative IoT solutions. Even trying and validating is no longer a problem with the littleBits. Whether a simple temperature sensor or a remote-controlled car via the cloud. With the littleBits there are no limits. Here in the picture a motivation machine. After a completed task the sensor is activated, whereupon a reward comes out of the box.


  • Compatible with Lego
  • Magnetic
  • IoT for everyone
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