Hi 🙂 What if you have the possibility to adjust the room flexibly according to your needs in the office/workshop in the future? Welcome to the world of DerFlipper


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Significant values are promoted by the falling of existing boundaries, the novel design and the far-reaching possibilities of use.  

Your friends, colleagues, partners and customers will be as excited about the sight and use as you are.

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So far I’ve had a whiteboard and a meeting table. Now I have a DerFlipper, a lot of space in the office and can use the room much better.innovation manager - Gisa GmbH

Into the future with


Flexible instead of rigid product characteristics promotes mental agility, solution orientation and openness for change processes.


No matter where, no matter in which situation, no matter in which position – use the boundless freedom for the realization of your vision.


The hitherto unknown, captivating design and uniqueness of the product creates space for inspiration, creativity and innovation.


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