All advantages at a glance

  • Model & Format

    choose: Elegance or Surviver and 150x100cm or 120x90cm (compact)

  • Multifunctional

    through 4D Flexible Positioning System

  • work surface

    is magnetic, writable and flat or smooth

  • mobility

    due to loadable rollers (lockable) and modular design

  • immediately ready

    Integrated storage for materials – filled on request

  • separate motif

    individual printing of the work surface possible on request

  • handcrafted

    your unique specimen – from person to person

  • analog

    instead of electrified – treat yourself to a digital break

  • touchable

    and not virtual – use your hands without mouse, keyboard or touchscreen

  • secure

    TÜV approved, harmless, simple and self-explanatory

  • economical

    All-In-One: table, board, flipchart, playing surface, D-thinking table etc.

  • economical +

    Additional effect: use the space that has become available

  • economical + +

    priceless: an additional idea, the beginning of a cultural change

  • valuable

    long-lasting and durable – all-round carefree package can be booked on request

  • We ♥ D-Thinking

    Support from material up to training offers